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foldable beach chair

 Foldable Beach Chair

Are you interested in buying a piece of space saving furniture?

Are you interested in buying a piece of practical furniture?

New product in our factory is now available. It is time to save your space!!! You can put luggage inside.

This small bench can bare up to 120KG. 

EXW price: Only 28 USD 

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Two Secrets to Find Reliable Furniture Suppliers in China.

Nowadays China furniture becomes more and more popular in the world as many Chinese factories keep improving the quality and decreasing the price. However, because of the language barrier and shortage of understanding about Chinese manufacturers, some international businessmen still either import a piece of high quality furniture with an excessive price or buy a piece of cheap furniture with SUCKS quality.

Here are two secrets you will need to know.

In China, we have some famous business to business platforms such as, and By clicking into these websites, numerous furniture suppliers can be found. If you compare the price for similar products, you can find some exclusively beautiful products with a very cheap price. The problem is “Is the quality reliable”? I can give you the answer directly. In order to be more attractive and receive more inquiry, the first option is to make the price as low as possible and even to be the lowest one in the industry.  Don’t they need margin? Yes they do. By what? Reduce the cost. How? Decrease the quality. If you want to know some details about how factory lower the quality without your knowledge, welcome to sign up our newsletter to concentrate our topic next month.

What is the best way you can do? You will need to come to a different factory and have a visit; especially it is your first time to do business with a manufacturer. Find a partnership to be your reliable supplier is not kidding.

Where you should go?

Shunde District, which is connected to Guangzhou and Hongkong,  is the largest wholesale furniture market in China. This district is divided into ten towns and each town has its own feature. Lecong town is the main furniture trade area, and longjiang town is the main furniture manufacture zone. You may already logically notice that you can get a more competitive price if purchase furniture from longjiang, compare with lecong; and the fact is true. The picture I show on the top is the trade show in Longjiang; longjiang is the place our company is located. If you want to know more about our company, we do welcome.

What you need to do when visit a factory?

Scale of production. How many employees? Is the workshop standardized?  For sure the most important thing is: can someone speak fluent English in this factory. I have seen that one employee in export department does not understand properly about a requirement from a foreign customer and produce the wrong products, result in a big trouble.