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What Your Furniture Suppliers Do Not Want You To Know—Series Two.

      Last time we had a discussion about the price of wood to make a piece of furniture. Hope everyone has a better idea about the cost of each wood. Now we continue our topic: how furniture manufacturers cut the material reconditely.

      Replace the high quality wood with cheaper one. Someone may say that is impossible because he/ she can tell the wood species through texture and woodiness. However, factory can make everything becomes true. For example, customer wants to buy black rose wood ($4000USD/Ton) furniture. You know what happens? Wood frame of the whole piece of furniture is made by black rose wood while backside, left side and right side are made by cheaper wood such as oak, pine and cherry. You might say I can still tell they are oak or pine or cherry. However, when most factories use cheaper wood, they will cover those cheap woods by around 3cm thickness black rose wood on the surface. Now it’s no way you can tell unless you cut the wood, which you will never ever do.

      Replace one solid wood leg by cheap hardwood. Wooden chair for example, it has four legs but only three of them are real solid wood leg and the last one is……You know why many factories do it? Reduce the cost just want to catch your order.

        One word to all buyers, do not always seeking lowest price but bargain the competitive price.  As a furniture factory, our price might not be the lowest one but is the most cost effective one.

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