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China Furniture Inc. is one of the largest manufacturer and trading company in the world.

A decade ago, we were just a small factory which can only produce small order and only be able to serve our clients in China . However, we always keep upgrading ourselves and currently, we are an International Company.

No matter when, where and how, there is only one sentence in our mind: We Want to Be Your Best Supplier in China.

If you are a final customer, grasp this chance to upgrade your house.  If you are a distributor overseas, don’t forget to share these exclusive products to all your customers. We will always give you the strongest support. 

Maybe you have the same experience before.

I placed an order with a factory directly but the factory did not have enough experience to back up my custom clearance.


I placed an order with a factory directly but the factory did not have enough experience to guide me how to maximize the space of a container, to reduce logistics cost.


I placed an order with a trading company but the company cannot give me a competitive price as they need at least 5% profit margin from a factory.

Now, your concern can come to an end.


Let’s Meet Our Creative Furniture Development Team

Golden Lu sales manager

Experience working closely with distributors and wholesalers overseas; knowledge of global business sense.

Golden Lu

Sales Manager

Hello, I have been designing furniture including samples from our customers for five years.

Amanda Cai

Design Manager

Hello, I am your eyes in the factory. I can help you to control the quality and manage the production schedule. 

David Liang

Production Manager

Hello, I can help you to maximize the usage of a container and to save logistics cost.

Christy Chen

Logistics Manager

Basically we have four departments and each manager is responsible for those employees in relating division. Our technical staffs are strictly trained in order to manufacture quality products. If your order needs to be customized, our managers will cooperate with each other to produce one set according to your sample. Our workers will start the mass production for you once the set is approved by you. 

Let us become a partner!