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What Your Furniture Suppliers Do Not Want You To Know—Series One.

I have been hearing from some customers many times: I bulk bought many containers of furniture at a very low price from previous factory and resold them to my countries with a considerable profit; however, things do not seem to be that positive. Several years later, those furniture somehow are damaged gradually. Complaints from customers and unreliable quality make the person into big trouble.

The only reason is: The factory he/she did business with was cutting the material without his/her notice.

Before I point out how a factory secretly cut the corners, we should have a brief concept about the varieties of material, which will be involved when making a piece of furniture. The common materials are solid wood, plywood, fireboard, sponge and leather. Solid wood, plywood and fireboard occupied at least 70% of a piece of furniture (sofa is excluded), so I will offer the approximate cost of each raw material.

When it comes to solid wood, the approximately price in the market currently is as following in order.

No.1 Yellow Rosewood from Hainan $2,000,000/ton.

No.2 Red Rosewood from Laos $130,000/ton.

No.3 Black Rosewood from Laos $4,000/ton.

No.4 White Rosewood from Burma $3,800/ton.

No.5 White Wings of wood from Burma $2,500/ton.

No.6 Teakwood from Burma $2,200/ton.

No.7 Cherry from USA $1,400/ton.

No.8 Pine from USA $750 /ton.

No.9 Oak(common used in engineered hardwood floor) $730/ton.

No.10 Camphorwood $580/ton.

MDF is around $10/pc, size is around 2440*3050*18mm.

Plywood is around $30/pc, size is around 2440*3050*18mm.

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